School Visits

full-day school visit includes up to three presentations plus lunch with Bea and a book signing. A half-day school visit is two presentations. A virtual school visit is one presentation (limited options). Presentations are about 40 minutes.


I Will Be Fierce!

In I Will Be Fierce!, a young girl takes on the world like a brave explorer heading off on an epic fairytale quest. By adopting a fierce attitude, our hero successfully overcomes the obstacles in her path and finds the extraordinary in her everyday life. In this presentation, Bea discusses the powerful combination of purpose, positivity, and persistence, in and out of books, and how it can help students find success. This presentation is suitable for all elementary grade levels.

The Story of You

The books we read as children are the ones that help us feel seen and heard. They teach us who we are and what we are capable of doing. They tell us we matter and have a place and a purpose in the world. In this presentation, Bea discusses how books can help us take an active role in our lives and in our communities as we grow into the best versions of ourselves. This presentation is suitable for all elementary grade levels.

Let’s Read!

This presentation includes two small-group story times (20 minutes each), during which Bea reads several of her picture books, talks about being an author and how books get made, and answers students’ questions. This presentation is best suited for K, grade 1, and grade 2 students.

Let’s Write!

In this small-group workshop, Bea discusses the author’s purpose and how it is supported by the author’s writing choices, such as point of view and verb tense. Students will begin their own stories to be completed in class. This presentation is best suited for grade 3 and grade 4 students and touches on many Common Core State Standards, including: RL.3.6, RL.4.6, L.3.1.d, L.3.1.f, L.4.1.b, RI.3.6, and RI.4.8.

Extra Events:

Lunch with the Author

Let’s meet, greet, and eat! This informal, small-group event is a great opportunity for students to ask questions and share their thoughts. This event is suitable for all grade levels.

Book Signing

If your school visit will include a book signing, a pre-sale arranged through your local bookstore works best.

Author visit fees for the 2023-2024 school year:

Full-day school visit: $1,000, plus travel expenses

Local* full-day school visit: $800

Local* half-day school visit: $600

Virtual school visit: $200

*Local visits are limited to Guilford, Forsyth, and Wake counties in North Carolina.